Continuity mistake: When Kairi and Sora finally meet again, Kairi hugs Sora. In the first shot, Kairi's arms are over Sora's. However, in the next shot, her arms are under his.

Factual error: When you investigate the seven rumors in twilight town, the word "bag" is spelled wrong after you let the dog out of the bag.

Factual error: Organization members Xigbar, Xaldin, and Lexaeus' real names are misprinted in the English version of the game as Bleig (Braig, Xigbar), Dilin (Dilan, Xaldin), and Eleus (Eleaus, Lexaeus).

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Trivia: In 'The World That Never Was' you come across a type of graveyard with the headstones acting as gateways to each of Organization XIII's members' rooms. Each headstone describes their respective member with a depiction of their respective weapons.


Question: In the "switches" mission in Agrabah (when you're flying on the magic carpet) what should we do to trigger them?

Chosen answer: Lock onto them and look at their color. If they all turn blue cast blizzard. If they all turn red cast fire. If they all turn yellow cast thunder.

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