Kingdom Hearts 2

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Continuity mistake: When Kairi and Sora finally meet again, Kairi hugs Sora. In the first shot, Kairi's arms are over Sora's. However, in the next shot, her arms are under his.

Factual error: When you investigate the seven rumors in twilight town, the word "bag" is spelled wrong after you let the dog out of the bag.

Factual error: Organization members Xigbar, Xaldin, and Lexaeus' real names are misprinted in the English version of the game as Bleig (Braig, Xigbar), Dilin (Dilan, Xaldin), and Eleus (Eleaus, Lexaeus).

Continuity mistake: When you finish "100 acre woods" the cover of the Pooh book changes, however when you look at the book from Merlin's house it's still the old and damaged cover.

Continuity mistake: In the trophy room at Olympus Coliseum, upon examining the Phil Cup Trophy and Pegasus Cup Plaque, it reads "Phil Cup Plaque" and "Pegasus Cup Trophy", which should be reversed.

Other mistake: In the ending when Sora and Riku fall into the ocean, it is visible that their hair and clothes do not get wet. They should be completely soaked because they were entirely underwater.

Continuity mistake: After the Organisation XIII scene, just before Sora takes out his member card, Goofy's shield just disappears from his hands. Many other times during cut-scenes, weapons and shields just vanish from hands as well.

Continuity mistake: In the Aladdin cut-scene where Jafar has Jasmine chained to the door, Sora, Goofy and Donald appear with Aladdin. Sora, Donald and Goofy hold weapons and shields. However after Jafar zaps Iago with his staff, everyone runs over to him, and they are all now empty handed.

Continuity mistake: During the story within 'Atlantica' Ariel doesn't seem to remember confronting Ursula during the events from first Kingdom Hearts, even though Ursula and Sora do remember.


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