Casual Sex?

Audio problem: When Melissa and Stacey go to the singles party at the health spa, they approach Jamie at the bar. Jamie states that the drinks are all made up of 98% mineral water just like your body. Melissa then says that if the drinks were anything like her body, they'd be made up of 98% ice cream. However that's obviously not what her mouth is saying.

Stacy: This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I remember when it was actually fun to say, "WOW, that really felt great! What's your name again?"
Melissa: I've never had sex with someone I didn't know. For that matter, I've never said, "Wow, that felt really great."

Ilene: What do you miss most about sex?
Stacy: Whoo... I miss falling asleep with someone's arms around me. And the feeling of, mm.
Ilene: Orgasm? I love orgasms.
Stacy: Mmm. I'm sick of my Mighty Intruder vibrator with the flexible shaft and the textured head.

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