Black Book

Factual error: During the movie the Germans are more then once using halftracks of the type sonderkraftfahrzeug 251, which originally were only allowed to be used by panzerdivisionen (armored divisions), and at the moment the movie is supposed to take place, there were no panzerdivisionen in Holland.

Factual error: The movie ends with sounds of explosions and other war sounds, supposedly from the beginning of the Sinai campaign in 1956, in the imaginary "Kibbutz Stein" on the northern tip of the Sea of Galilee, close to the border with Syria. We know that from the landscape and the tour bus at the beginning of the movie: "Next stop Capernaum." But Syria was not part of that conflict, only Egypt, and their planes did not reach the centre, even less so the north of the country.

Factual error: When the truck has an accident the Schalkhaar police discover the Sten gun. It's completely assembled, even with the magazine allready inside. Resistance fighters disassembled a Sten to make it into more innocent looking parts, and a disassembled Sten is easier to hide.


Rachel Stein aka Ellis de Vries: I never knew this would happen. To fear the liberation.

Gerben Kuipers: We will kill that girl! However, wherever, whenever.

General Käutner: Obersturmführer, open your safe.
Günther Franken: Of course. Which files would you like to see?
General Käutner: None. You're suspected of killing rich Jews. There's nothing wrong with that. But you've been looting the bodies and keeping the valuables for yourself. Failure to turn Jewish property over to the Reich is punishable by death. Open the safe.
Günther Franken: As you wish, Obergruppenführer.

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