Glory Road

Other mistake: When Haskins and the other coach are going on their recruiting trips in the beginning, we can see the two of them talking on the phone. Funny thing is, that both of them are using pay phones. So who called who? How did they know the number? And how did they know when the other one was going to be near that pay phone? I feel it is highly impossible for one to reach the other when both of them are using pay phones.

Continuity mistake: After Texas beats Kentucky, Willie Cager runs up into the stands to hug his mom and it looks to be a very long hug but in the very next shot he is seen on the floor with the rest of the team and he is holding the ball in the air.

Kimberly Fox

Continuity mistake: During the Kentucky game, in the second half, Shed passes the ball to Artis, then Artis passes it to Cager and Cager spins it off the backboard. Well on the bench you see Shed cheering for Cager, while the announcer is announcing what just took place. (01:41:10)

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Coach Don Haskins: You'll play basketball my way. My way is hard.

Coach Don Haskins: We do not back down here, ever.

Coach Don Haskins: Jason, Don Haskins, Texas Western.
Stevens: Western Union?
Coach Don Haskins: Texas Western down in El Paso. Hey, after the game, when you get a minute I'd like to talk to you about playing for me.
Stevens: Play for you at Texas Western? Thanks, Coach, but I'm partial to winning.

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