Stay Alive

Continuity mistake: Right after Phin gets run over by the carriage, when the cops are talking to Hutch and Zwink, the laptop in the van moves between shots.

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Other mistake: When the main guy and the blond-haired woman investigate the house of the guy who got hanged in the very first scene, October goes outside to smoke. She is seen in a construction site. Later, when they go to find October, we discover that the site is way down the street. I don't know why she decided to stray so far from the house to the site.

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Other mistake: When October uses the nail gun to try and ward off the evil woman, she points and shoots it like a normal gun. However, as a safety precaution, nail guns have a mechanism that requires it to be pressed against something in order for it to dispense nails. Therefore, October couldn't have used it like she did.

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Question: Is the game they're playing first person or third person? Because in the beginning and at other parts it's in third person but in some parts it's first person.

Chosen answer: Some games allow both first person and third person views. (Such as the Star Wars Battlefront series).



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