Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Continuity mistake: As George says "That you people are rearranging my genes so that everyone will be like everyone else" he puts his left arm around Nick. His hand, though is on the back of the sofa. Instantly in the next shot, however his left hand is now on Nick's left shoulder.

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Continuity mistake: Richard Burton returns to his house and cannot get in the front door, because Elizabeth Taylor and George Segal came in, put the inside security chain on the door and went upstairs together. In the next scene, Burton and Sandy Dennis are talking in the front yard. At the end of the scene, Dennis turns and goes into the house. Burton and Segal haven't come downstairs yet, so no-one could have taken the chain off.

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Audio problem: In the scene where George and the other man are outside talking by the swing, George says "tell me about your wife's money" and the other man says "no". After this you hear the audio of George saying "OK, don't" but his mouth does not move at all.


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