The Weather Man

Factual error: When Nicholas Cage goes home he goes to a building on Wacker Drive. But when he looks out of his window and is looking at Chicago he is a few blocks away at a different building.

Dave Spritz: People don't throw things at me any more. Maybe because I carry a bow around.

Russ: Dave, step back right now.
Dave Spritz: Fuck you right now.
Russ: Fuck you, Spritz.
Dave Spritz: Fuck you, fat asshole! Dildo.
Robert Spritzel: David, what are you doing?
Dave Spritz: I'm talking to my wife! I'm talking to Noreen, and this clown whose business this isn't.
Russ: You call me a dildo, it is my business, Spritz.
Dave Spritz: You are a dildo, pork fuck. You porker.

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