Category 7: The End of the World

Deliberate mistake: When the New York subway is flooded the interior shot shows the station is Wilshire Blvd. Wilshire Blvd is in Los Angeles and the film clip appears to be stock footage from the Universal Studios Tour ride.

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Continuity mistake: After Hurricane Eduardo strikes Dade county, the news report says that the storm has moved north of Miami to threaten Georgia and the Carolinas. Later, at FEMA, the visible satellites show one system of indeterminate strength with its center well southeast of Miami, as well as a hurricane with an eye moving westward several hundred miles east of that. Nothing is shown moving up the Florida coast where Eduardo was described to be.

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Other mistake: When Tommy and Faith are in the trailer park with the tornados are hitting and they hide behind the pole, so as not to get hit with a trailer, you can plainly see that Faith's (Shannon D) knees are sticking out, in the way of the flying trailer but doesn't get hit.

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