Plot hole: At the beginning, it shows Santiago crossing the border into the U.S. But the U.S. border patrol is on the Mexican side.

Continuity mistake: When Newcastle plays Chelsea the ball is yellow, but when we see shots from the real game it is white when we see the actors with the ball.

Revealing mistake: In the game against Liverpool, there is a reversed shot after Harris scores the first goal. It is fairly obvious since all of the players' numbers are backwards, in addition to the advertisements in the background. (01:45:25)

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Trivia: The free-kick goal scored by Santiago (actor) against Liverpool in the movie was actually scored by the real Newcastle United player Laurent Robert in the real game against Liverpool which won them the game 1-0.

Trivia: At the bar in Los Angeles when Santiago's dad is watching the game, beside him is Brian Johnson, lead vocal of AC/DC.

Newcastle fan #1: Hows it going?
Newcastle fan #2: We've made all the early running.
Newcastle fan #1: How long's it been on?
Newcastle fan #2: A minute.

Santiago Munez: The only one who can tell me I'm not good enough is you. And even then I may not agree with you.

Glen Foy: Welcome to the toon.
Santiago Munez: What's the toon?
Glen Foy: It's where the Geordies live.
Santiago Munez: What's a Geordie?
Glen Foy: Someone who lives in the toon.

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