The Toxic Avenger Part III

Continuity mistake: When the devil sets Toxie on fire, there's a group of five people standing there with empty buckets. But in the next shot the buckets are filled with water.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Toxie walks into the video store and discovers that a gang is destroying it he grabs one of the gang members and punches him in the stomach. If you look at the guy's belly just before Toxie punches him you'll be able to see a big red spot on his shirt. This big red spot is actually the blood pack that the guy is wearing underneath his shirt and also where Toxie is supposed to hit him.

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Continuity mistake: After Claire returns with the contract she gives it to Melvin who asks about the escape clause. The escape clause states that the contract will be null and void only through an act of God and the devil says that God is on vacation. Melvin starts to shake. He's holding the contract in his left hand but in the next shot, a close-up, the contract is gone. The contract then returns to his left hand in the following shot.

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