Son of the Mask

Other mistake: It was established in the first Mask that the mask does not work in the daytime, but it works during the day in this movie.

T Poston

Continuity mistake: During the scene where the baby is peeing on Tim, in one shot his hair is wet, in the next it's dry and in the next shot it goes back to wet again.

Continuity mistake: When Loki arrives at the Avery's home to check out Alvey, his car skids to a stop pinning a squeeze toy under the front right tire. When he leaves following Tim and Alvey into the city, the squeeze toy is not under the tire. (00:53:00 - 00:56:35)

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Otis: Sssssmokin.

Daniel Moss: Who's that green guy?

Tonya Avery: Honey, you look hot.

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Question: Why was Otis trying to get rid of Alvey with an explosive rattle and traps?

Chosen answer: Otis had been feeling neglected because Tim hasn't had as much time for him ever since Alvey was born, so he attempted to take Alvey out of the picture so he could have Tim all for himself.

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