Continuity mistake: When Chester is trying to get Matthew to come into his car after school, Matthew has a football in his hand for a couple of shots. Then, the football disappears and his replaced by his backpack for the last shots of the scene.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film when Penny Pester says, "This is for you, Coach Chester" and gets up enough courage to take the soccer ball down field, the camera pans to her legs kicking the ball and pulling off all kinds of spectacular offensive moves. The legs of the person, however, are much thinner and less tan than Penny's legs - obviously a stunt double.

Audio problem: When the Flames are shown training, a girl jumps through a tire and lands on a platform. She is shown sinking into it, yet it makes a clanging sound when she lands.

Chester: We have a chance. Like a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Chester: I've never saw such beautiful landscaping. Looks like all the trees threw up.

Chester: My name is Chester, I'm great, I'm wonderful! Everybody likes me.
Redneck: Hey, Chester. My name's Harland, and to me you look like a giant asshole.
Chester: Well, if I'm an asshole there's a reason for it. You're contagious.

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