Dead End

Revealing mistake: When the car skids to a halt when they are chasing after Brad, for the speed they are traveling, the braking distance is way too short to be realistic: 85mph to 0 in the space of three car lengths on a wet road. (00:16:35)

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Revealing mistake: When Lorraine dies after being shot (among other things), you can see her breathing clear as day.

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Visible crew/equipment: Just after Frank is shot there is a point where Marion rushes out of the car in search of Frank. When she does, a stage light is reflected clear as day in the door. (00:49:20)

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Marion Harrington: I'm pregnant.
Richard Harrington: I smoke pot?.

Laura Harrington: Was there no dial tone?
Frank Harrington: No, Laura. I just forgot the number to 9-1-1.

Richard Harrington: What's up little critter, I'm you're Uncle dick.

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