The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Continuity mistake: When Princess Mia takes the chicken out of the basket and it gets loose, we see the chicken run away, followed by Princess Mia running after the chicken, and finally the palace guard falling amid a number of boxed, gift-wrapped presents. The only boxed presents that were visible in any of the previous shots were already on the floor and there were none anywhere close to the palace guard that he could have knocked down as he fell.

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Continuity mistake: When Princess Mia is announced at her birthday ball, she waves with her right hand and then waves so enthusiastically with her left hand that her bracelet flies off backward. We see it flying fairly high up judging by the door in the background. But when the doorman catches it, its much lower then it should have been (from the previous scene) with a much lower and flatter trajectory.

Sheri Hartman
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Continuity mistake: When they are looking at prospective husbands, Princess Mia and Lilly are eating popcorn and Lilly asks if it tastes like pears. Princess Mia answers its a "Genovian specialty," and the popcorn disappears immediately afterwards. (00:25:45)

Sheri Hartman
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Trivia: In the scene where Mia sees all of the past royals in her family the paintings on the walls, they are of writers and producers.

Trivia: When Julie Andrews says that she never slides, she adds that she "has done a lot of flying". That is referring to Mary Poppins, which she starred in as Mary Poppins.


Trivia: In the opening scene where Mia is introduced and waves to the crowd from atop a staircase, (wearing a big red dress) she accidentally flings a bracelet off her wrist, where a footman catches it. That is the same footman who catches the snail Julia Roberts flings in Pretty Woman, and he uses the same line "It happens all the time".

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Joe: Shades.
Security Guard Shades: Mmm.
Joe: You are now Head of Security. Good luck with Lionel. I've got a wedding to go to.

Joe: With this ring, I thee - finally - wed.

Joe: I would kneel if it weren't for my knee replacement.

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Question: The movie is supposed to be three years after the first movie, which would make her 18. But on all the trailers, they say she is 21. Why is this?

Chosen answer: I have visited a lot of websites and they all say the movie is supposed to be taking place 5 years after the first one and that would put her at about 21 since it should be a little after her birthday. Don't assume because this movie's made 3 years after the first that that's how long after the first one it's meant to be set.

Question: Why did they not base the second film on the princess diaries books?

Chosen answer: My guess is because Mia and Michael didn't actually start dating until the third Princess Diaries book. The second and third books were all about Mia trying to get Michael to go out with her, and since they went out at the end of the first movie, they couldn't base the second movie on the second book.

Question: What is that song sung at the wedding, when Mia is walking down the isle?

Chosen answer: It is a famous classical song, "Canon in D" written by Pachelbel.

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