Continuity mistake: When the crew hauls the female orca aboard the boat, the harpoon line is wrapped around her entire body several times. When they cut the rope and drop her into the water, the line is wrapped only around her tail. When the male orca is pushing her at sea, the rope is again wrapped around her entire body.

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Factual error: Near the beginning, when the crew is chasing the great white shark and trying to avoid hitting the raft, Captain Nolan yells to the pilot "Hard to port." The pilot turns the wheel to the right, which is starboard.

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Continuity mistake: At the end when Orca leaps from the water to land on the ice causing Harris to slide down, the ice isn't there then all of a sudden it appears when Orca lands on it.

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Rachel: I'd insisted on leaving South Harbor with them. I told myself that somehow I was responsible for Nolan's state of mind. That I had filled his head with romantic notions about a whale capable not only of profound grief, which I believed, but also of calculated and vindictive actions, which I found hard to be believe, despite all that had happened.

Rachel: He followed you. He saw you on the deck of the boat.

Rachel: Their sonar is like X-ray vision. If we could see in each other if someone was happy or sad, indifferent or aroused, healthy or suffering from a tumor, it would be meaningless to say, How are you? What we call language they might call unnecessary, or retarded.

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