Dharma & Greg

The Ex-Files - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: When Dharma is visiting her uncle (a dentist) and she's in the dentist chair, she has a little spot of water on her bib, the shot moves, then it moves again and the spot isn't there anymore.

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Educating Dharma (2) - S4-E14

Continuity mistake: When Dharma is at her parents' house and they are drinking coffee, her mom is putting the pot at the table, then the angle changes, and then she puts the pot on the table again.


The Official Dharma & Greg Episode of the 1998 Winter Olympics - S1-E17

Continuity mistake: While the guys are talking about the winter Olympics, the position and level of the bottle keeps changing all through the scene.

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Dharma: George! I'm so glad to see you! How are you?
George: Still dead, otherwise good.

Dharma: Welcome to the Pompous Room. May I check Madame's pole, or will she be keeping it up her butt?

Greg: What do you think?
Dharma: Well, I think that one of us should go talk to your Dad, and I think you should go talk to your Mom.
Greg: I know what you just did.
Dharma: Me too! Go with God.

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