Continuity mistake: When Dennis is sitting in his boat talking with Griselda and Mr.Fishfinger he gets covered in rubbish. Although he wipes most of it off there is spaghetti left on his hat and jacket. In the wide shots, though, he is clean. (00:08:20)


Continuity mistake: When Dennis first meets the man who cut his own foot off, it's because he shoved his hand (with a cup in it) right in front of his face. When the shot changes so we can look down at who it was, we see that his hand is nowhere near Dennis' face (he would have had to have been standing up and leaning over to reach his face, when we see him he's sitting down and leaning back against a wall).

Gary O'Reilly

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King Bruno the Questionable: Guards... kill that man.

Narrator: It is the middle of the dark ages, ages darker than anyone had ever expected.

Dennis: Dennis is hiding in a shadowy alcove removing his nun disguise. As he is illuminated by torchlight he looks back over his shoulder.
Religious Fanatic #1: Look! It's a nun in the guise of the Devil.
Religious Fanatic #2: No! It's the Devil in the guise of a nun.
Religious Fanatic #3: Get her.
Religious Fanatic #4: Get him.
Religious Fanatic #5: GET them both.

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