Robinson Crusoe On Mars

Continuity mistake: While avoiding the glowing meteoroid, they decide to fire their jets to push them into a higher orbit. In a couple of scenes they go up but a third one has them going back down.

Larry Koehn

Continuity mistake: Mantee finds a pool of water after falling through a hole. He gets in nude, but you can see him wearing tan-colored trunks during the close-ups. However, the far away shots do show him naked.

Larry Koehn

Revealing mistake: The ground beneath Mantee's feet gives way with him falling through the hole. Boy, that hole sure looked rectangular.

Larry Koehn
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Trivia: The breathing pills used by Friday were M&Ms.

Trivia: The alien ships look almost like the Martian ships from the movie War of the Worlds minus the wires. However, they were neat to watch. Byron Haskin directed both Wars of the Worlds and Robinson Crusoe On Mars; thus, that is why they have the same spaceships.

Larry Koehn

Trivia: Paul Mantee was the main star of this movie and Adam "Batman" West was seen for several minutes at the beginning and the middle of the movie. Two or three years later, Adam West was the main star in Batman and Paul Mantee was one of Catwoman's (Julie Newmar) henchman.

Larry Koehn

Draper: Mr. Echo, go to hell.

Draper: Friday, you're gonna learn English if I have to sit on your chest for two months.

Draper: How long have you had these things on?
Friday: Sixty-two years.
Draper: How old are you?
Friday: Seventy eight.

Question: For someone stranded on Mars for several months, Mantee's hair and sideburns seem remarkably well-groomed, even, and trimmed! (He could have cut his hair with his knife, but wouldn't it have looked more shaggy and uneven than it does)?

Chosen answer: In the movie before he discovers his water supply and watches the survival video, he is shown grooming himself and shaving.

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