Goin' South

Continuity mistake: Henry Moon is too 'street smart' to have left gold dust on the mining tools for someone to find.


Continuity mistake: When Deputy Towfield takes Henry to the bar and the bartender won't give Henry a glass, Towfield sits down and grabs the bottle in his right hand and goes to take the cork out with his left. When it cuts to the close up, the bottle is now in his left hand and his right hand is removing the cork. It switches back and he has the bottle back in his right hand.


Henry Moon: We was just sayin' how much we needed a figurine.

Henry Moon: Well, I ain't no slab of meat to be auctioned off, but, what the hell. Fine by me.

Henry Moon: I'll never forget you, Hermione. You was the first woman I didn't have to pay for.

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