The Juror

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore are in the car and he's threatening to run over her son, who is riding a bike in front of them, Alec swerves at the last minute, and Demi looks over her right shoulder and collapses in relief, but in the next shot, she's looking over her left shoulder, collapsed in relief. (00:48:40)

Continuity mistake: When Rodney comes to the Teacher's place in the rain his hair is drenched and stuck to his forehead. After a few steps into the room his hair is almost dry. (00:29:35)


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Teacher: All you need to say is two words... two specific words, though. What they are? 'Not. Guilty.'.

Teacher: I'm sorry you hate me... but I do love you.

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