Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Continuity mistake: SPOILERS: During the final scene, when Samuel L. Jackson is "puppeted" to lift his arm up to make it look like he's pointing a gun at the SWAT team, the number of laser-sights visible on his chest changes between cuts. In the wide-shot, there's only three, but when it punches into a close-up, suddenly there are five.


Factual error: It is later revealed that Detective Banks partner faked his death by killing a meth-head junkie with the same tattoo as him. He included the junky's filleted skin with the same tattoo in a box with his badge to make it look like the other kills. Police, firefighters, first responders all provide DNA into a data bank to be identified in case something tragic happens and their remains are recovered. William Schenk's DNA would not have matched that of what was in the box.

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Suggested correction: William knows that the cops will find out that he's not really dead one way or another. After all, he literally confronts Zeke and reveals he's still alive, knowing there's a good chance Zeke wouldn't take his offer to join him. All he's really doing is throwing off the cops and buying himself a few days when they think he's dead. (Since it can take a few days for DNA analysis to happen.) By the time they figure out he's not dead, he'll have already finished his game and disappeared. Which is ultimately what happens... he finishes his final game with Zeke and Marcus, then gets away.


Visible crew/equipment: As Zeke and William are investigating the first murder, as they walk along the subway platform, the camera and crew are visible in the subway train's windows as it passes by.

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Trivia: The film is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. He previously directed "Saw II," "Saw III" and "Saw IV," before taking a step back from the series to work on other projects. He decided to return to the series to direct this entry.


Trivia: The first entry in the "Saw" series not to be released in October.


Trivia: This is the first film in the Saw franchise in which Tobin Bell does not appear in any new scenes. He only appears in photographs during the investigation.

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Question: Is Chris Rock's beard throughout the film an appliance, or did Rock actually grow it out? (I know his goatee in the flashback is fake, I'm talking about the beard he has during all the modern day scenes.) I could swear I saw a little glue on his chin next to his beard in one scene, like it was an appliance, but I couldn't quite tell, so I didn't submit it as a mistake.


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