Lucky 7

Other mistake: Daniel was number six that she dated and treated as a boyfriend before Peter, so In reality Peter was number seven.

Other mistake: After they got up the next day on Sunday afternoon they met Peter's friends, and when saying goodbye the friend said "I am going to get Susie's number just in case." But her name is Amy.

Amy Myer: We could stage a fight or something. That way they won't be shocked when they find out we didn't last.
Peter Connor: Who says we won't.

Amy Myer: So, what I'm gonna do is, I'm just gonna date Daniel casually until I find an interim boyfriend. You know, someone to fill in a #6.

Maya: This is pathetic, Amy. I can't bear to hear any more.
Amy Myer: Can't you just indulge me for thirteen more minutes?
Maya: You scheduled in time for venting?

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