The Christmas Chronicles

Continuity mistake: When Kate is hanging on to the sleigh as it takes off she is holding on with one hand. Camera changes and now she is holding on with both.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the red Dodge driven by Santa is in midair, the skid plate mounted underneath for the stunt is visible.

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Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Kate is going through old tapes recorded by her dad on a TRV280 handicam. The second tape shows her as a baby in her dad's arms and it's dated Dec 25 2007. She starts a recording on a leftover blank tape and we see the date; Dec 24 2018. Her brother taunts her holding the camera out of her reach and tells her "You're 10 years old. Almost 11!", and she asks "So?" She should have said "You jerk, you don't even know my age?" She is 11 already. (00:01:00 - 00:04:15)

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Teddy: Can't you just wave your hand, and like, Jedi mindtrick the cops?
Santa Claus: I'm Santa Claus, Teddy, not Yoda.

Santa: I'm swapping out 8 reindeer for 400 horses!

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