Heidi: May I go with Peter today? It may be the last time before the snows.
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: All right. All right. But be back early for your lessons.
Heidi: I will. Are you sure you can get along without me?
Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I'll try.

Elsa: Hello.
Heidi: Oh! Have you come to see us?
Elsa: Yes, dear.
Pastor Schultz: I am Pastor Schultz.
Heidi: How do you do, Pastor Schultz? How do you do, Frau Schultz?
Elsa: Oh, no. I'm Fräulein Elsa, the schoolmistress.
Heidi: Oh. You'd make a very nice Frau Schultz.

Klara Sesemann: Andrews, what is she like?
Andrews, the Butler: Highly intelligent. Don't be mislead by the hat.

Question: Towards the end, after the Police Lieutenant says that they should wait and hear what Herr Sesemann has to say about the Grandfather, Heidi runs to the Grandfather and Fraulein Rottenmeier is last seen standing looking worried. What happened to her? Did she go to jail?

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