Game Night

Trivia: In the scene were Max and Annie talk about their potential future child, there's a throwaway line about child-actors not amounting to much later in life - a bit of an inside joke, as Max is played by Jason Bateman, the rare child-actor whose career actually improved after he became an adult.


Trivia: The film has many subtle allusions to popular games and gaming archetypes. For example: -Many elements of the plot (such as the hot-rod car and Gary's dog Bastion) are references to game-pieces from the game Monopoly. -The scene where Annie digs a bullet out of Max's arm and then sews it up is both a reference to the Monopoly thimble-piece and the children's game Operation. -During the chase scene, there are frequent shots where the camera is mounted to the back of the cars in such a way to emulate car-racing video-games. -The music includes several cues done in an 8-bit Nintendo video-game style. -Establishing shots are filmed using a photographic technique called "tilt-shift", which makes live action locations look like miniatures, and thus, like board-game pieces. Etc. There are dozens of these types of references throughout the film.


Trivia: There's a scene after the credits showing what Gary's ex-wife Debbie is up to, and is worth sticking around for.


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Annie: Any of you fucking pricks move, I'm gonna execute every motherfucking last one of you.

Ryan: You're like a double threat. Brains... and you're British.

Annie: I hate game night.

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