Paddington 2

Factual error: After breaking out of prison, Paddington contacts the Browns using his 50p coin to make the phone call. It is actually 60p to make a public phone box call in the UK.

Continuity mistake: The amount of ketchup and mustard on the prison chef's apron changes between shots.

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Other mistake: There was a red item in only one of the washers. Only the prison uniforms in the one washer would have turned pink, not all of them.

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New this week Suggested correction: Each washing machine was labelled separately for different items. Only one was marked 'Uniforms', and that's the one the stray red sock ended up in.

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Henry Brown: Are you quite sure you're ready for the workplace, Paddington?

Henry Brown: Paddington wouldn't hesitate if any of us needed help! He looks for the good in all of us.

Paddington: Aunt Lucy said, if we're kind and polite the world will be right.

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