Batman: The Killing Joke

Continuity mistake: When Batman and Batgirl are about to have sex on the roof, Batman lets his left hand slip down from her back to her butt. In the next shot, it's on her back again.


Barbara Gordon: I saw that abyss you spoke about... very scary, but so tempting. I don't know how you resist it. I don't think it's humanly possible after a while. Be careful.

Bruce Wayne: You're not like I am Barbara, it's still a game for you, still a thrill. I'm gonna ask you politely, one last time. Where is he?

Bruce Wayne: All these years, and I don't know who he is any more than he knows who I am.
Alfred: Are you sure of that?
Bruce Wayne: What do you mean?
Alfred: I mean... Don't underestimate him.

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