Factual error: The film shows cactus and agave plants in many scenes - those plants were imported from the Americas to Judea 1800 years after Jesus.

Continuity mistake: When Lucius reports to Pilate after descending the staircase, the shots change, showing the staircase behind Lucius, columns (and no staircase), then back to the staircase again.


Continuity mistake: When Peter and Clavius are sitting and talking, Peter's scarf changes position around his neck and shoulders.


Pilate: The Nazarene... did you find him different?
Clavius: I found him dead.

Clavius: I have seen two things which cannot reconcile: A man dead without question, and that same man alive again. I pursue Him, the Nazarene, to ferret the truth.

Pilate: Your ambition is noticed. Where do you hope it will lead?
Clavius: Rome.
Pilate: And?
Clavius: Position. Power.
Pilate: Which brings?
Clavius: Wealth. A good family. Someday, a place in the country.
Pilate: Where you'll find?
Clavius: An end to travail. A day without death. Peace.
Pilate: All that for peace? Is there no other way?

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