The Nice Guys

Factual error: The movie takes place in 1977. A boy tells his father he is playing PacMan, which came out in 1980. Then we see a cabinet of Ms. Pacman, which came out in 1982.

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Factual error: When Jackson and Holland are driving after leaving the burned down house, a billboard for Jaws 2 can be seen in the background, but the movie takes place in 1977 and Jaws 2 wasn't released until June 16, 1978.


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Continuity mistake: When Holland shows the bartender the dollar bill in the shape of a shirt, he is smoking a cigarette before he takes the cigarette out of his mouth. Holland mentions to the bartender that he made it himself, with nothing in his mouth, but in the next shot, the cigarette is suddenly back.


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More mistakes in The Nice Guys

Holland March: Look on the bright side. Nobody got hurt.
Jackson Healy: People got hurt.
Holland March: I'm saying, I think they died quickly. So I don't think they got hurt.

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Holly: You're the world's worst detectives.

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Holland March: Got a cool ad though. I made your head small because I know you're sensitive about how big it is.

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