Continuity mistake: When Albright's driver is taking Mark at gunpoint to the car (after leaving Mrs. Jensen's room) he has his gun against Mark's chest, but in the next shot it's against his back.


Continuity mistake: Near the start, when the jet in which Damian is flying makes a turn in midair, it shows three blue stripes and seven windows. When it lands, the airplaneĀ“s paint design is different, mainly red and there are only five windows. (00:11:05)

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Character mistake: At the truck stop, Mark (young Damian) meets with Martin. Martin tells Mark that he had the shedding pills reverse engineered and hands him a piece of paper. The percentages of the 5 ingredients only add up to 90% rather than 100%. (01:29:25)

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Albright: Death, has some, side effects.

Albright: There is no science, no progress, without sacrifice.

Albright: You never asked the right questions.

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