The Devil's Rock

Factual error: Colonel Meyer's promotions are listed in his SS ID card as Hauptmann, Oberstleutnant and Oberst. Since the SS used a different ranking system from the Wehrmacht, they should actually be Hauptsturmführer, Obersturmbannführer and Standartenführer.


Sergeant Joe Tane: There's bad shit going on here. Bad shit.
Captain Ben Grogan: Bastards. Fucking Nazi bastards.
Sergeant Joe Tane: No. That's not our war, that's not our fight. The gun, that's our mission.
Captain Ben Grogan: Fuck the mission.
Sergeant Joe Tane: Jesus Christ. We leave, now. We get out alive, we get back home. We get fucking medals for this. The girls will be falling all over us.
Captain Ben Grogan: Give me ten minutes, Joe.
Sergeant Joe Tane: Five.

Helena: You sonofabitch.
Col Klaus Meyer: Fuck you, hell-whore.

Col Klaus Meyer: She is a carnivore, a desecrator of human flesh. But she comes with a beautiful and familiar face, to confuse and deceive her victims.
Captain Ben Grogan: And you summoned one?

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