White Bird in a Blizzard

Factual error: In a scene where Kat is flying to or from Northern California for college, in the background through the window on the plane one can see a commercial jet which has the winglets of a narrow-body Boeing, which were not introduced until 1998 on the Boeing 737 NextGen, rather than "wingtip fences" of an Airbus which were in use as early as 1985. Eve disappeared in 1988 when Kat was 17, so this would have been 1993 at the latest, when Kat would have been expected to have graduated from Berkeley. In the movie, it is suggested that this was just 2 years after her mother disappeared, so this would have been not later than 1990-91.

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Continuity mistake: When Kat is asking the detective what he thinks happened to her mother, after Kat is in college and she visits home, the detective lights a cigarette. We see him move the cigarette out of view and when he brings it back there is barely 3 or 4 drags left. The camera cuts to Kat and back at the detective and there's over half of the cigarette left now.

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Continuity mistake: When Kat first visits the detective, she sits on the couch and drinks beer. Behind her is a table with a lamp and a green bottle of beer. The bottle disappears and reappears.



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Trivia: Eva Green plays Shailene Woodley's mother in the film, even though in real life she's only 12 years older than Woodley.

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