Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Plot hole: It is laughably implausible that a young child would be able to engineer a space walk on a space station, as Zenon does. Even with the friend getting his dad's access codes, something that like would be well under guard and key, and monitored heavily.


Plot hole: It doesn't make sense that Zenon's entry for the Microbe contest should have been chosen, as it couldn't have gotten there in time. It's not more than a day or two after she gets the final pieces to make her sculpture, yet her entry is still somehow able to be sent to Earth (likely a very low priority), delivered to Microbe's management team, sorted, and selected, which is all just too implausible.


Zenon: ONE sin minor and my life is a living black hole.

Matt: Reality pill, Margie. It was never you he liked, it was the car.

Zenon: Zetus lupetus.

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