Continuity mistake: In the mission of Sector X, you fight the boss Spyborg. For slower players, Spyborg will usually smack Slippy with its hand and send the toad's crippled Arwing hurtling towards the planet Titania. Faster players can destroy Spyborg before it can attack the cocky Slippy. If this is done, you go to Macbeth instead of Titania. However, if you chose to go to Titania anyways, the mission plays out with Slippy crashed and captured by the mission's boss. Yet he didn't get hit and crash in the previous mission.

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Peppy Hare: Do a barrel roll!



On the Solar level, the other Star Fox team members only take damage from heat while they are talking. Being on the Lylat System star, they would be constantly taking heat damage just like Fox.



If you save Falco from the enemies chasing him on Cornaria, and then fly through all the stone loops in the lake, Falco will comment on your flying. He will then tell you to follow him and lead you into the waterfall where you fight an alternate boss and go through Lylat System on the red path.