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Corrected entry: Double exp: If you have exp share, equip it to a pokemon and send that specific pokemon out to battle [i.e. if you equip Machamp with exp share, send that Machamp out]. Knock the opponent out, get exp, then watch as that same amount of exp gets added again. [Use this at the Elite Four with a good level pokemon to wildly increase that pokemon's level extremely quicky].

Correction: It's not a mistake. EXP share takes half of the exp supposed to be given and gives it to the pokemon wearing it. The machamp in the example just gets half of the experience twice. Not more than he would have gotten if not wearing the EXP share.

Continuity mistake: The first time you arrive at Ecruteak City, go to the Burned Tower. After speaking with Eusine, you can see that Silver (your rival) is in the middle of the tower, waiting for you. However, instead of speaking with him, leave the tower, and continue the game until you reach Olivine City. When you arrive, Silver will come out from a gym, speak with you and then go away. However, if you return to the Burned Tower, you can see that Silver is still there, which means he was at two places at once.

James Castells
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