Bug: When walking on land, if there are no game objectives (buried treasure, lost relatives, Indian cities) nearby, you can pass through solid objects such as cabins, totems and stone heads. These are only solid when they are to be used as landmarks to find the hidden objectives.


Bug: After a tavern fight, whenever the main character sheathes his sword, the sword can be seen to pass through a portion of his leg.


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When you are romancing a governor's daughter, and the city she lives in is captured by another nation, a new governor with his daughter is installed. This new girl looks completely different from your old romance (and her father is a completely different person), but she nonetheless remembers you. You are still at the same stage in your relationship, even if the girl has never met you before. You can even (for instance) rescue a blonde Dutch woman from her captors, and end up returning with a black-haired Spanish girl.



Artillery is listed in the Pirate-o-pedia as the most powerful resistance you can meet when attacking a city. But you will never encounter artillery in-game, since it was taken out in the final stages of game development.