Tomb Raider: Legend

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Bug: In the England level when Alister and Zip are kidnapped, you can still hear Alister expressing his amazement over the headset when you perform a somersault.

Bug: Throughout the game, you are able to jump through poles, stalactites and other objects.

Continuity mistake: When wearing the bikini outfits in Croft Manor, the portable light source, grapple and gun holsters only appear when used and disappear when they are not.

Bug: At the beginning of the Kazakhstan level when Lara BASE-jumps into the Soviet base, you can see that the parachute straps are not attached to her shoulders.

Bug: In Croft Manor, the spears cast a shadow on the ground even if you do not pull them down. Also, you can jump and grab the thin air where the spears are supposed to be pulled down.

Continuity mistake: In the last Bolivia Redux cutscene after all the mercenaries are killed, you can still spot one mercenary if you look closely.

Audio problem: In the Nepal level if you fall at the beginning, you can distinctly hear two screams.

Factual error: In the last cut scene, called Answers Breed Questions, when Lara smacks Amanda with her pistol it would fracture her skull and knock her out. Not just knock her.

Trivia: The unlockable Soul Reaver sword and the glyphs on the goth outfit are nods to the Legacy of Kain games, also developed by Crystal Dynamics.

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