Continuity mistake: In every gym there is a statue that lists the names of all the people who have won there. The only names that appear are the player character's and their rival's, but when you go to the elite four there are all these other trainers. How did they get past the guards when they don't have any badges?

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Continuity mistake: If you come to Pallet from the south, that is, surfing, you can see that the fat man near the lab will appear out of nowhere when you enter the town.

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After the S.S. Anne is gone, go to the guard that says that the ship is gone. After facing him, keep pressing right and then quickly push the START button. Save and reset. If everything's OK, you should continue facing right. Select a Pokémon that knows SURF and use this move. Instead of surfing to the right, you'll surf ON the guard! Press down twice, and you'll enter the S.S. Anne again.