Other mistake: The Prince's Sand Power Meter replenishes over time, no matter what the Prince is doing (Unless of course he is using Sand Powers to deplete it). However, after cutscenes, the Prince's Sand Power Meter is always empty.

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Throughout the game, it is established that the Prince's "inner voice" is the voice of his dark side, the Dark Prince. However, this may not be the case. The Prince is first spoken to by the "inner voice" immediately after he acquires the Dagger of Time. In the Throne Room, the Prince overhears the Vizier's conversation, during which he says that, to paraphrase, the Dagger of Time spoke to him and "promised him power and riches". The Dark Prince promises the Prince the very same things throughout the game. At the end of the game the Prince relinquishes the Dagger of Time to the "ghost" of Kaileena, and only then is he able to confront and defeat the Dark Prince. Due to these facts, it is a plausible theory that the Prince's "inner voice" is not the voice of the Dark Prince at all, but is in fact the voice of the Dagger of Time.