Other mistake: When talking to Admiral Onasi about Revan in the endgame, the subtitles spell the Admiral's last name 'Onassi'.

Bug: When you are at the Secret Academy on Telos, and the Handmaidens tell you to put down your weapons, if you select the option "OK. We mean you no harm." the first time you have the option of doing so - you will receive light side points, but you will also cause the game to glitch, so that Atton and Kreia are behind you - and you can talk to either one of them. When you try and talk to Kreia, nothing will happen, and when you talk to Atton, you will be given two options - 1.[Cheat Node]Jump to PC confrontation with Atris2.[Cheat Node]Continue with Kreia conversationThe problem with this glitch is that you can't leave the academy ~ you're stuck here for good!Suggestion: make two save files before you enter the secret academy - if you use the glitch, you can talk to Atris more than once, and you can learn a lot more backstory to the game.The other one should be used so that you can actually get off of the academy. Though your characters may not know the story - you will - and I find that much more satisfying.To avoid this glitch: Select option one "Who are you?", or something along those lines - and on the second dialog screen, select "OK. We mean you no harm." I don't believe you get light side points for this.

Bug: On the planet Telos when inside the military base to get your ship (the Ebon Hawk) there is a intersection that goes four ways. One of the ways leads to a door saying it leads to the military sub level. When you try to open it it says that it can only be opened by a certain security console, but no security console actually exists to open it. On the map it's marked by blue line, which means it should be a valid working door. This is the HK factory, which was cut out but imperfectly. Install the restored content mod and you can access the door, but it's a bug in the regular game.

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