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Corrected entry: During the Pegasus Cup, it goes from the 4th Seed, straight to the 2nd Seed, missing out the 3rd.

Correction: If you make it to a certain seed before losing, you take that position. Meaning if you beat up to third seed, and lose in second, you are now third seed, and it will skip that level. Instead, tenth seed is added.

Corrected entry: During the fight with Sephiroth, the player can notice that Sephiroth is right handed. (he holds his sword in a right handed position, and swings with his right hand). In all other appearances (Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts II, Advent Children, etc.) Sephiroth is left handed.

Correction: This is not a mistake. All of the Final Fantasy characters do something to hinder themselves when they fight Sora. For example, Cloud wraps his sword with bandages, and Yuffie fights with much smaller shurikens than normal. Sephiroth fighting with his off-hand is in the same vein.

Corrected entry: Ansem cannot open the last keyhole because Kairi's heart is not with her, it's with the people she loves. But by that logic, Belle's heart would be with the Beast, Snow White's with her prince, Aurora with Philip's, and so on. Yet the only princess who isn't responding to Ansem is Kairi.

Correction: Kairi's heart was literally not with her. In the scene on Destiny Islands when Kairi stands in front of the door and is blown towards Sora, her heart actually enters Sora. That is why when you see Kairi on Captain Hook's ship she is virtually lifeless.


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In Hollow Bastion, right after you defeat the Maleficent Dragon and before you fight Riku/Ansem, during the movie scene where Sora sees Kairi on the ground in front of the keyhole in the hall containing the Princesses of Heart, Sora lifts Kairi and shakes her up and down to wake her up. The pendant on Kairi's necklace stays suspended in the air when he shakes her until the shot changes.



After you return to 'Hollow Bastion', after the fight with Riku, you can find Belle in the castle library and she will gladly reunite with the Beast. In the film 'Beauty and the Beast', Belle loved books and to read, making the library an ideal location for her to be found.