Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight (2016)

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Starring: Bruce Campbell


Bug: Sometimes when being picked up by a killer, or if the killer is stunned while carrying a survivor just right, it will cause the animation of the survivor to glitch into a frozen pose and seem to glide around. Sometimes it even causes a weird effect of the body being swung around while being carried around on the killer or even just sliding across the floor lying down.

Quantom X Premium member

Bug: The spawn point of the hatch is already pre-determined at the start of the match, it just won't become visible at all until certain perimeters/deaths are met. But if a survivor disconnects, and their body happens to be lying on the spot where the hatch is going to spawn, it prevents it from opening for the last survivor. You will still hear the sound of the hatch, but neither the survivor can interact with it, nor can the killer shut it. It won't even appear, you can just hear it under the dead body of the disconnect.

Quantom X Premium member

Bug: Sometimes in the ending screen where the survivors are running side by side, two of them will be put in the same spot. They will be running inside each other.

Quantom X Premium member
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