Dead by Daylight

Other mistake: Steve Harrington: Steve's hand position doesn't change when he's holding a flashlight or a key. Therefore when he goes through the animation of scratching the back of his neck with that same hand, it shows the item clip through his neck like he's stabbing himself, with the key or the flashlight going through his head.

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Other mistake: If a killer manages to grab a healthy, uninjured survivor off a generator or other actions without hitting them first, it still puts them in the injured state. The survivor leaves blood trails behind as the killer carries them even though they were never hit to be injured. And if getting out of the killer's grasp, they are still injured despite never being hit.

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Other mistake: The Huntress: If you wear the Forest Eagle-Owl Skull head piece on Huntress, with the Red Sarafan body, the vale on the head dress will clip through the fur coat part on Huntress' back as she turns her head.

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Bug: Sometimes in the ending screen where the survivors are running side by side, two of them will be put in the same spot. They will be running inside each other.

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