Audio problem: The various versions of the Scrake, including the Halloween and Circus Scrakes have chainsaws on their right arms. However, three Christmas Scrake has just a giant ice knife for a right arm. Yet you can still hear the sounds of a chainsaw when he is near despite not having one.

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Halloween Fleshpounder: Get off my lawn!



Stronghold: A player can go to the far back right tower of the castle and go towards the top. There is a window that if you jump out of of and land on the railing of the walk way down below, you can walk across an empty gap to a broken section of wall. Literally walking across air in a glitch that lets the player stand on a broken wall out of reach of the zeds. You can even stand on the air between the broken wall and the zeds can't reach you by themselves, only ones able to hurt you is the Siren's scream and the Husk's fireball. This is an exploit that allows a player to just sit there and pick off the zeds with no danger except from Husks and Sirens. This does not work very well against The Patriarch as he has very lethal ranged weapons.