Mother (1996)


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Beatrice Henderson: I love you.
John Henderson: I know you think you do, Mother.

Beatrice Henderson: We're not intimate dear. We just have sex occasionally.

Soundtrack: And here's to you, Mrs. Henderson. Your grown son is moving back today. Hey, hey, hey. God help him please, Mrs. Henderson. He looks to you to help him with his life. He lost a wife - again.

John Henderson: I know why she hates me! I know why she hates me! I know why she hates me.

John Henderson: We're in the 90s, mother. It's fancy jam time.

John Henderson: Stop. No more food. It's like fantasia.

John Henderson: You're running a food museum here.

Beatrice Henderson: I'm sorry, John. I wasn't listening.

Other mistake: In the beginning, Albert Brooks and Lisa Kudrow are eating dinner at a restaurant and Albert mentions his books, plural, but then he says book, singular. All the way he's said book, so what is it - books or book?

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Trivia: Debbie Reynolds and Albert Brooks play mother and son in this film. In real life, Reynolds (born 1932) was only fifteen years older than Brooks (born 1947).

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