Revealing mistake: During the fight scene in the village between Elias and Barnes, as they roll around on the ground, Barnes "hits" Elias with a right hook and Elias's head is thrown to the side as if he just caught a serious blow. The problem is Barnes's fist quite obviously clears the front of Elias's face by at least 5-6 inches.

Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie when the camp is being overrun, a U.S. soldier is standing to the left of a bunker, with his back to the camera, when he is shot. As he falls backwards he can be seen reaching up with both hands to throw his helmet up and out to simulate the effect of him being thrown backward by the force of the shot.


Revealing mistake: When Charlie Sheen fires at the villagers' feet there are no shell casings being ejected from the weapon, and there is also no muzzle flash.

Revealing mistake: In the scene after the final battle, where Charlie Sheen is walking up on the crawling figure of Tom Berenger. In the shot of Tom Berenger crawling, you can see two electrical cords with white tape coming from Berenger's left leg as he is crawling, obviously used for the squibs when he is shot by Sheen. (01:44:30)

Revealing mistake: When Elias goes out by himself, there's a closeup shot of him reloading his rifle. He pulls an empty magazine out and puts in a new one. If you look closely, the magazine he loads into his rifle is empty.


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