Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Question: In the altered timeline, Flash initially could not travel through time because there was another speedster. How was he able to travel through time in the original timeline, when Zoom was alive there as well?

Answer: Flash couldn't travel through time later in the movie not because Zoom was alive but because Zoom was also tapping into the Speed Force, preventing Flash from gathering enough of the Speed Force to break the Time Barrier. When Flash originally went back in time it's likely because Zoom was in custody, therefore not tapping into the Speed Force at that time.

Answer: Batman kills Zoom so the Flash could use the speed force.

Question: Barry returns to his fixed timeline, meets Batman and gave him the letter Thomas Wayne's Batman wrote. Then, the post credit scene shows the portals appears that will lead to Darkseid's invasion. The question is in the following Justice League War movie, the heroes seems like they never know each other. Did Barry return before the Justice League ever assembled? If so, why does Barry in the Justice League War movie seem to be so amused when he knows Batman is real? He even greeted Batman for the first time and addressed him as "Sir Batman." I cannot find any good articles on net to explain this contradiction.

Kirishima Homura

Chosen answer: Despite the ending in Flashpoint to indicate a Darkseid invasion, War is not a sequel. It's a reboot. While both films were part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series, War is the first movie of the series that is now part of the DC Animated Movie Universe. This is also why the voice actors are different.


Question: Is Grifter supposed to be the Flashpoint time line version of Robin? And if so, which Robin in particular?

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Chosen answer: No. Grifter is Cole Cash. A character originally created for Wildstorm, a comic company that later became an imprint of DC.


Question: What did Cyborg do with Yo-Yo after he catches her? Right after he catches her, he suddenly jumps up on the roof with Batman and talks with very little time in between.

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Chosen answer: He probably turned her over to the police. There's no knowing how much time passed between when he caught her and when he jumped on the roof to chat with Batman.

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Chosen answer: Thawne spent his whole life wanting to discover the speed force. When he did, he became The Flash of his time. But Thawne couldn't live up to Barry's legacy. It drove him mad. And drove to eliminate Barry.


Question: When Hal Jordan goes on his kamikaze mission against Aquaman's sub, why does he have to use the alien ship that Abin Sur crashed in 8 years prior? Why not a stealth jet or something? Doesn't seem logical that the government would send a top secret, highly valuable alien space craft on a suicide bomber mission. And Hal was told from the start it was a suicide mission. So why send that ship to be destroyed?

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Chosen answer: Because it was the only ship fast and agile enough to get even as close as it did to the sub.

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Chosen answer: Possibly. They share a similar look but her name is never mentioned in the film or comics. She is voiced by the same actress who voiced Harley in "The Batman," so maybe.


Question: If Reverse Flash wants to destroy Flash so bad, why doesn't he go back in time and kill him as a kid? Reverse Flash has to know who Barry is as he was able to slip his outfit into Barry's ring and put it on him. So he knew Barry is the Flash. He even calls him by name towards the end of the film.

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Chosen answer: Reverse Flash can not kill Barry in his own timeline. If he does he will erase his own timeline out of existence, essentially killing himself. With Barry screwing up history after saving his mother, Reverse Flash is now free to kill Barry.

Question: How is it possible for Reverse Flash to be aware that the timeline has changed? Furthermore, how does he know the exact details of when and how it changed as well?

Matty Blast

Chosen answer: In the comic book this is based on, Reverse Flash was outside of time when the change occurred. He was aware of the exact detail because he was the one who murdered The Flash's mother. He was the one Barry stopped.


Question: It's said on DCwikia that Flash was able to recover the real world, but with some small changes. What could they be?

Answer: In the comics, Flashpoint kick started The New 52. A full reboot of the DC universe which saw many changes including superheroes being active for only 5 years, Batman's sidekicks being trained at the same time, the Teen Titans being a rookie group, none of the character having significant others, Flash being the first and only speedster, and many other changes too great to list here.


Answer: Another change was that Barry discovered he was no longer in a relationship with Iris but that Patty Spivot was now his girlfriend.

Question: Why did Bruce Wayne die when Barry Allen saved his mother? How come the killer didn't kill Bruce's parents?

Answer: When you break the sound barrier, there's a sonic boom. When you break the time barrier, there's a temporal boom. Barry changed 3 things, Bruce's death, Superman's crash, and the Green Ring election.

Question: How does Batman (Thomas) kill Zoom? I know that in the comics he doesn't use a gun. But wasn't Zoom supposed to feel/hear the bullet (etc.) and move away at high speed?

Henrique Winnischofer

Chosen answer: He doesn't have super hearing so no he wouldn't have heard it. As to feeling it, yes he should have. But it could be explained away by him gloating and being totally focused on Barry, or the lower speed force level.

Question: Looking at a gun in a case, and then a picture of the Wayne family, Barry asks "What happened to you, Bruce? You were the James Bond of Superheroes." He then follows up by saying, "What turned you into the Unabomber?" What is a Unabomber?

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Chosen answer: The Unabomber was a man named Ted Kaczynski who planted and mailed bombs between 1978 and 1995 which killed 3 people and wounded 23. Basically Barry is calling this version of Batman a psychopath.

Question: General Lane shows Hal Jordan the alien, Abin Sur, that Green Lantern in a water preservation chamber. General Lane talks about how the ring launched off in space away. Yet Abin Sur is still in his green lantern uniform. The uniforms are generated by the rings, so when it flew away, wouldn't Abin Sur's uniform vanish? Especially over the course of 8 years as General Lane claims?

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Chosen answer: It really depends on the writer. In many stories the suit vanishes as soon as the ring is drained of energy, in other cases, where a character dies, the suit remains on the character. This could be interpreted as a way to identify the body as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. But that is just one theory among the comic community.


Question: If Reverse Flash can't kill Barry in an unaltered time line because he will mess up his own past, then why is he trying to kill him in the beginning of the movie before the Flashpoint change? He traps Flash in the Flash museum and places explosives on him with intent to kill.

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Chosen answer: Reverse Flash knows he'll be wiped out of existence, but he doesn't care. He's so obsessed with killing Flash in a satisfying way that he's willing to sacrifice his own life to do it. That's why he stays completely calm when the Flash moves the charge to his shoulder and tells him he'll die too. This is further evidenced by the fact that he didn't care that Aquaman's WMD would kill him along with everyone else.

Matty Blast

Which still makes no sense... because then why doesn't he just go back in time and kill him?

Question: In the Batcave, there is a cork board with a full deck of playing cards pinned up on it, with the Joker card in the very center. Is this supposed to represent minions of the Joker that Batman has taken down? Or what is this?

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Answer: In Flashpoint when Martha Wayne witnessed the death of Bruce it drove her crazy and she becomes the Joker, the joker card is at the center of the board kind of as a reminder to Thomas how messed up things can be.

Question: How does Flash's costume fit inside the small confines of his ring like that and come out so easily? And how the heck does he get it back in his ring?

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Chosen answer: Flash pushes his suit inside the ring at high speed to close the lid, locking it in place. When he opens the ring the high tension shoots it out like a jack in the box.


Answer: The Flash's suit is a friction proof high compression micro fiber designed by star labs, the suit is easily folded down to the size of a dime and is pushed into a high tension spring. To release it the Flash just clicks the rings insignia.

Question: After Barry is healed of his wounds, Batman gives him the Reverse Flash suit. Barry sighs and then begins rapidly vibrating and begins glowing. The glowing stops and he is suddenly wearing the suit that is now the colors of his suit, not Reverse Flash. How did he do that?

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Chosen answer: In the comic, Barry goes on to explain that he could vibrate the suit at its microscopic level, changing the color of the molecules, but decides it would be faster to make a new one. Here they decided to show off the change.


Question: When Barry first travels into the past to prevent his mom's murder, why does it show him waking up at his desk in an alternate timeline instead of him running back to the timeline he created?

Answer: When he changed the past, he no longer had his speed and therefore could not have travelled back. He wakes up on the day he travelled back without his powers, with the version of him that time-travelled having been erased.

Question: Reverse Flash has time-travelled numerous times in the comic books, and in the movie Flash even mentions to Batman that he can travel through time. Yet apparently when Reverse Flash time-travels, there are virtually no other changes to history except for what he wanted to happen (e.g., murder Iris, etc.). Is it ever mentioned in the comics that Reverse Flash has a greater level of mastery over time-travel, whereby he can do it without causing a "time-boom" and completely altering history?

Matty Blast

Chosen answer: In the comics it is explained there are points in time that can not be changed, "solidified time", while other points are fluid and can be changed without any consequences. Thawne does not have any more mastery over time then Barry does, but understands it far better.


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Continuity mistake: When Barry is looking at the gun case in the Batcave, a cork board is visible in the background covered in raggedy playing cards. The one to the left of the center Joker card has blood on it, a lot of it around the bottom right corner of it. Later when Batman looks at the cards, the blood on that card is significantly less. There is also a card to the right of the Joker card that is torn with no blood on it. But in the close up when Batman is looking at it, that card now has a large blood spot in the center. The card symbols on the cards are also closer together, the cards above the Joker are significantly less damaged, and change from suit of hearts to a different suit. The entire board seems different. A few shots later, the cards above the Joker card are back to hearts again. (00:20:45 - 00:25:30)

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The Flash: It's me you want, Thawne. You don't have to kill thousands of innocents to bring me down.
Eobard Thawne: No. No, I don't. But I choose to, knowing it will make your last moments pure agony. Goodbye.

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Trivia: The penny shown in the Batcave is from world's finest comics #30.


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