Man of Steel

Corrected entry: A blue screen is reflected in Clark's glasses when he begins his job at the Daily Planet. (02:12:25)

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Correction: The blue screens seen in Clark's glasses are the monitors behind Lois at other stations.

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Corrected entry: When Zod is pointing his heat vision at some civilians, the walls break without being touched by the heat.


Correction: The heat vision was intense enough to break down the bonds between the facade and the bricks underneath, causing the collapse.

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Corrected entry: When the black hole is created from the collision of the plane and Zod's ship everything is pulled towards it, whether of Earth origin or Kryptonian origin, except Lois who keeps falling away from it. Even Superman had problems escaping it. (01:59:00 - 01:59:55)


Correction: Anything exposed to the Phantom Energy was sucked into the singularity (not black hole), which includes the debris around Zod's ship, the ship itself as well as Superman (who stood right in that energy beam, and also travelled through the phantom zone as a baby). Lois however, was never exposed to the phantom energy, which is why she kept falling and was not affected.

Corrected entry: Before Clark gets the superman suit he has some beard on his cheeks, but when he starts to fly the beard is gone.


Correction: We don't see him put the suit on either, but he's wearing it when he flies. Clearly, some time has elapsed during which he got changed and apparently "shaved".

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Corrected entry: No way could Lois have made the climb up to the scout ship in such a short time after seeing Clark in the photo she just took - she was a few minutes behind him and he was way in the distance when she took the photograph, not to mention being ill equipped for such a climb.

Correction: There is no indication of time given. Clark was exploring the ship, much of which may not have been shown on screen.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, Jor-El climbs on board the back of a four-winged flying creature, and he says one word, "Up." And the creature, instead of going up, goes straight down.


Correction: Jor-El does not say "up", he says "hup" which is a word commonly used to get various beasts of burden moving.

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Corrected entry: There's no reasonable way for Lois Lane to get to and find Superman at the end just in time to see him kill Zod, as she had no idea where he would be, and no means of transport to get there in the destroyed city.

Correction: Considering how chaotic the battle was, there's no telling exactly how far away from where Lois started Superman and Zod actually were. Two flying, fighting, super-destructive beings wouldn't be that hard to track either. Just look up until they land somewhere, then go there. As for transportation, she wouldn't have to wait for a bus to pick her up; there would have been any number of abandoned vehicles with keys still in the ignition, engine running.

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Corrected entry: After Faora comes out of the ship to greet Kal-El, she then makes her way to the soldiers standing behind him, taking only a few steps to get to them. However, in a number of aerial views, it's clear that Kal-El is at least one hundred yards away from the soldiers. (01:14:50)


Correction: They are nowhere near a hundred yards away, in any shot when Faora greets Superman.


Corrected entry: General Zod and his army were charged with murder and high treason so they were frozen, placed on a huge ship, which was placed inside a black hole above Krypton for the next 300 cycles. At this point in the movie, the House of El was fully aware that Krypton's core was collapsing and only had a matter of weeks before Krypton would be destroyed. If Krypton was about to collapse then why would they have a war criminal like General Zod and his army survive on a ship above Krypton whilst many innocent people on Krypton would be left to die? They had a huge ship that could have a few thousand people on board. The House of El could have just evacuated the planet on the ship they placed General Zod on and escape the planet before its destruction and abandon Zod on Krypton. It makes no sense why they would let him survive Krypton's destruction. (00:02:10 - 00:17:10)

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Correction: The whole point of Zod's rebellion was that the very council that sentenced him refused to acknowledge that Krypton was doomed. Neither Zod's hostility nor Jor's passive insistence could convince the council to take any action at all.

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Corrected entry: Clark managed to destroy a truck by impaling it with logs, but no-one at the bar seems to hear or see this even though a group of people in the bar were only a few meters away from the truck at the time. (00:33:55)

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Correction: Clark can also move at super speed, limiting the time it would take to do such an act. Also the bar is very loud, no one is going to notice when they are having a good time.


Corrected entry: In the town, Zod launches Superman against a pickup truck. Note the left side of the bumper and you'll see the shadow of a crew member moving away quickly, Can't be Zod, he walks away very slowly, nor anyone else, for the place is empty. (02:03:35)

Sacha Premium member

Correction: If you look to the right of screen, in the shot after this, you can see a group of people quickly running away. The shadow could have been from one of them.

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Corrected entry: After the scout ship moves, we see a polar bear, indicating it is now on the north pole. But then Superman emerges from the ship, you can see mountains. There are no polar bears on the south pole, and no mountains at the north pole.


Correction: This scene takes place in northern Canada, where there are both mountains and polar bears.

Corrected entry: Heat vision is directed by the person's field of vision, so in the climactic scene why did Zod struggle to turn his head when he could have simply moved his eyes?


Correction: This is an assumption. It is never stated within the film that the heat vision seen in this film is within the field of vision. All cases of heat vision being used in this film has the users head fixed on the target.


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