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Corrected entry: When Carin Fisher is murdered, Robin Williams runs to the hospital to empty his locker. This doesn't make sense, he was already forbidden to do his clown stuff at this hospital, and he was already doing his clown stuff at his Gesundheit-ranch.

Correction: It was true he was forbidden to do his clowning. But as seen through out the film Patch was not one to follow the rules. He may have had these things left over, or as keepsakes.


Corrected entry: In one of the last scenes, where the medical students take the old lady to pool of noodles, watch the old lady's hands carefully as she enters. As she enters she never touches the noodles, but as she goes to hug Patch her hands are suddenly full of noodles.

Correction: Her hands contain noodles, because her hands are around Patch's shoulders that have noodles there. She is not holding the noodles: she just has noodles sticking to her fingers caused by hugging Patch.

Corrected entry: When Patch sets up the pair of legs at the door, there is a sign above it pointing to the gynecologists. The camera cuts to their reaction, then back to Patch, and in this shot the sign is gone.

Correction: The sign is high above the doorway. When the second shot of the door is seen, it is a close up, so the sign automatically falls out of sight. This does not mean the sign is gone: it's just out of sight.

Corrected entry: The Pablo Neruda poem used in the film which is set in 1971-1975, wasn't translated into English until 1986.

Correction: The poem as he recites it is not the exact translation from today. You cannot disregard the possibility of a personal translation from Patch himself. Listen to the last line carefully and compare the translation to the speech.

Corrected entry: When Patch is in the hospital room of the aggressive man, he is dressed up as an angel. Look closely or you'll miss it but, when you first see Patch, he has no halo. It cuts to the aggressive man and then back to Patch and now he is wearing a tinsel halo.

Correction: This is not a mistake. (On DVD Chapter 6, time frame of 50:37) Patch does have the halo - but it's kind of hard to see because of the camera angle. The halo is there, in the glare of the window, since the blinds are open.

Corrected entry: Patch visits cancer affected kids during his first year in college. 2 or 3 years later he is being judged for creating a hospital without having his degree, and the patients he used to visit come and greet him at court. The cancer kids are there but they have not grown up or changed the slightest bit in these 2 years.

Correction: Actually yes they do. Some of course are dead so not all of them are there. The ones who are there most of the ones that still had hair are taller. And the rest have grown some more hair. The two cancer patients that don't have hair in the court were not one of the cancer patients he met 2 or 3 years ago.

Corrected entry: The graduating medical students' tassels were yellow. Tassels for students graduating from US Medical Schools are green.

Correction: They don't have to be green. They can be whatever color the school wants it to be.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Robin Williams is pushing his friend who's supposed to be a dead body, there is a roll of gauze that drops out from under the sheet. When it drops, it unravels perhaps a foot. When the doctor comes down the hall and he picks it up, it is mysteriously all rolled up and intact.

Correction: Two rolls of gauze fall off the gurney. One falls intact and the other unrolls.

Corrected entry: After the scene with the balloon animals, when Patch, Truman and Corrine are walking down the front steps of the hospital, Truman says that he has a date with the autonomic nerves of the thorax. Patch then warns him to watch out for the circle of Willis. The circle of Willis, however, describes the connection of arteries in the brain, far removed from the thorax (chest area).

Correction: While it's true that what was said is incorrect, keep in mind that the people saying it are first year medical students. Their knowledge is limited.

Continuity mistake: In the scene following Carin's death when Patch is packing his bag to leave the clinic, his shirt collar is not pressed and is open down to the first button. In the next scene at the hospital, his collar is neatly pressed and open only halfway to the first button. In the next scene on the ridge near the clinic, his collar is once again unpressed.

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Patch Adams: So what now, huh? What do you want from me? Yeah, I could do it. We both know you wouldn't stop me. So answer me please. Tell me what you're doing. Okay, let's look at the logic. You create man. Man suffers enormous amounts of pain. Man dies. Maybe you should have had just a few more brainstorming sessions prior to creation. You rested on the seventh day. Maybe you should've spent that day on compassion.

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